Multi-Teacher Leadership (Remote Pods)

Excellent teachers with leadership competencies lead teams of other teachers to meet the leaders’ standards of excellence. Team members may be co-located or remote. In-person and remote teachers (using webcams or similar tools), including the teacher-leader, play instructional roles assigned by the leader and use the leader’s methods and tools. The teacher-leader chooses, evaluates, and develops team members, establishing each person’s roles and goals at least annually. The leader facilitates team collaboration and planning. A remote teacher-leader may direct multiple teams at different sites. The leader earns more than the others—funded by the reduction of non-classroom specialists, lower pay for others with narrower instructional roles and fewer work hours, and in some cases a reduction of team size. The leader is accountable for team success and all students’ learning. Reach Effect: up to approximately 400% more students reached with excellent teachers in charge.

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