Multi-Teacher Leadership (Remote Pods)

Excellent teachers with leadership competencies lead teams of other teachers to meet the leaders’ standards of excellence. Team members may be co-located or remote. In-person and remote teachers (using webcams or similar tools), including the teacher-leader, play instructional roles assigned by the leader and use the leader’s methods and tools. The teacher-leader chooses, evaluates, and develops team members, establishing each person’s roles and goals at least annually. The leader facilitates team collaboration and planning. A remote teacher-leader may direct multiple teams at different sites. The leader earns more than the others—funded by the reduction of non-classroom specialists, lower pay for others with narrower instructional roles and fewer work hours, and in some cases a reduction of team size. The leader is accountable for team success and all students’ learning. Reach Effect: up to approximately 400% more students reached with excellent teachers in charge.

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 Teacher and Staff Selection, Development, & Evaluation ToolkitThis toolkit includes job descriptions, competencies, and companion tools that may be used to select, evaluate, and develop teachers and staff. These materials are built for six of the more than 20 school models described here. The jobs included in the toolkit cover most of the other school models as well. Some schools may combine school models, and in turn will need to alter the job descriptions and other materials accordingly. Schools must adapt these materials to fit each school setting and to incorporate additional selection, evaluation, and development priorities.


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