Case Studies

In Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture school models, schools use job redesign and technology to reach more students with excellent teachers, for more pay, within budget. As districts and schools around the country consider implementing their own Opportunity Cultures, they want real-life examples of just how others have already done so.

Our case studies provide in-depth looks at Opportunity Culture initiative sites, and vignettes consider specific aspects of an Opportunity Culture. Case studies also look at how other districts, charter schools, and other programs have begun using Opportunity Culture models or experimented with similar means of expanding teachers’ impact on students and peer teachers.

In the studies, we describe new programs, including personal descriptions of teachers involved. We also analyze how well the programs stack up to the five Opportunity Culture Principles, which call for reaching more students with excellent teaching, higher pay, sustainable funding, job-embedded development opportunity, and authority and accountability aligned with each teacher’s responsibilities.

Check back often for more case studies and vignettes.

We are also on the lookout for online and offline discussions in which the Opportunity Culture Principles could bolster dialogue among teachers, administrators, policymakers, and thought leaders about promising strategies for dramatically improving student learning.

If you are aware of organizations, sites, or discussions we should consider for case studies, please contact us.