Create Career Paths

An Opportunity Culture offers teachers multiple career paths that greatly expand their opportunities while reaching more students with excellent teaching. In contrast, most advancement opportunities in education today remove teachers from direct responsibility for students, increase workloads, confer little real authority to lead peers, and either pay no more or provide temporary pay increases from grants. Most do not make the best use of great teachers’ valuable time.

The career paths in these documents match Public Impact’s school models for extending the reach of excellent teachers to more students, for more pay, within budget, with many new roles that enable all teachers and staff to develop and contribute to excellence. The career paths here pay teachers substantially more, using regular budgets rather than temporary grants. Pilot sites are already paying teachers supplements up to 50 percent of average pay, sustainably. See the companion Pay Teachers More page for detailed financial explanations. 

 Career Paths that Work for Teachers and Studentswith speaker noteswithout speaker notes: Slide deck briefly details history behind current status of the teaching profession, and explains how Opportunity Culture career continuums extend excellent teachers’ reach, enable higher pay, make good use of teams, and give great teachers authority and accountability.

See Teacher Pay and Career Paths in an Opportunity Culture: A Practical Policy Guide for a full explanation of these teacher roles, career paths, and pay supplements.