About Public Impact

Public Impact’s mission is to dramatically improve learning outcomes for all children in the U.S., with a special focus on students who are not served well. Public Impact’s work is designed to contribute to dramatic improvements in the quality of education and related policy supports in the United States. We are a team of professionals from many backgrounds, including former teachers. We are researchers, thought leaders, policy experts, tool-builders and on-the-ground consultants who work with leading education reformers.

We believe that if we focus on a core set of promising strategies for change, we and our partners and clients can make dramatic improvements for all students. Toward that end, we work on initiatives to:

Our clients include private foundations, federal, state, and local policymakers, innovative districts, charter management organizations, child advocacy non-profits, and other reform-oriented leaders. By clicking each area of focus, you can learn more about the work we do. Interested in learning more or working with us? Contact us!

Our work on these topics includes:

  • Helping schools and districts with design and implementation of new school models
  • Helping education leaders with effective management practices, including change management strategies, human resources, budget management, technology use and data reporting
  • Advising federal, state, and local policymakers through research and visionary but practical ideas for effective policy
  • Convening policymakers and implementers to determine next-generation solutions
  • Advising foundations on areas of investment and support in education
  • Aiding leading nonprofits in implementing cutting-edge ideas
  • Fostering networks among leading educators and policymakers
  • Speaking, leading, and participating in panels and convenings about policy and implementation

We focus our energy on high points of leverage in collaboration with clients and partners in the field. We have selected our current areas of focus because they hold great promise as levers for change. We continue to determine new solutions and areas of focus that reflect continuing changes in technology, the global labor market, research, and U.S. education leadership.

For more information, contact us!

The Public Impact team:

Bryan C. Hassel, co-director
Emily Ayscue Hassel, co-director
Lucy Steiner, senior consulting manager and senior vice president of professional learning and leadership
Sharon Kebschull Barrett, senior editor
Lyria Boast, senior consultant
Grayson Cooper, policy fellow
Jeanette P. Cornier, senior policy fellow
Stephanie Dean, senior consultant and vice president of teaching and learning policy
Daniela Doyle, senior consultant
Shonaka L. Ellison, associate consultant
Cassie Fago, associate consultant
Tim Field, senior consultant
Elaine Hargraves, senior research analyst
Christen Holly, consultant
Juli Kim, consultant
Kendall King, associate consultant
Nita Losoponkul, senior consultant
Olivia Perry, analyst
Stacey Shumake, associate consultant
Angie Spong, consultant
Beverley Tyndall, production and dissemination manager

Administrative Team:

Carol Williams, office manager
Gretchen Bruce
, human resources manager
Anne Halstater, operations assistant