Metro Nashville Public Schools’ Innovation Zone

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Three pilot schools in the Metropolitan Nashville Innovation Zone, or “iZone,” implemented Multi-Classroom Leadership beginning in 2013-14, one of the Opportunity Culture school models designed to reach more students with excellent teachers, for more pay, within regular budgets. The schools aim to reach at least 80 percent of students with excellent teachers in charge of their learning.

The “iZone” was created in the summer of 2011 to turn around low-performing schools by engaging in strategic redesign. The zone uses staff development, team leadership and collaboration, innovative programs and additional resources to develop diverse and personalized instructional programs, as well as providing a network of other services such as health and social services.

The three Opportunity Culture schools—Buena Vista Elementary, Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary and Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School—created school design teams of teachers and administrators that eventually selected the Multi-Classroom Leadership model as the best fit for their schools. Under this model, an excellent teacher reaches more students with excellence by continuing to teach while leading a team of teachers, helping them develop and excel through extensive co-planning, co-teaching, and feedback on the job. Accountable for the learning results of all the students in the “pod,” the teacher-leader earns more—through regular funding, not temporary grants.

All together, these schools intend to reach more than 1,400 students with excellent teaching. MNPS is exploring ways to expand this work substantially beyond the Innovation Zone schools.

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This case study, Metropolitan Nashville’s Innovation Zone: High-Need Schools Help Teacher-Leaders with Paid, Yearlong Student Teacherslooks at how three Nashville Opportunity Culture schools added a twist to their use of Multi-Classroom Leadership, with student teaching positions that place “aspiring teachers” in one school, usually serving the same class for a year, and pay them more than $15,000 with benefits.

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