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Extending the Reach of Excellent Teachers – Video Part 1: Paying Teachers More – Within Budget (4:06) This video introduces new models that let schools pay teachers up to 40 percent more and teacher-leaders up to 130 percent more, within budget. Part 1 explains how excellent teachers can close achievement gaps, and why schools must reach more students with these teachers. It also provides brief snapshots of school models that use job redesign and technology to reach more students with excellent teachers, for more pay, usually in collaborative teams that develop all teachers’ skills—creating an “Opportunity Culture” for teachers and students. Public Impact worked with Column Five to produce this video.Watch for an updated video soon.

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Watch for an updated video, based on the experiences of the first pilot schools to implement their own Opportunity Cultures, showing the importance of models that let teams led by excellent teachers reach many more students, and let all teachers earn more and learn more—through more school-day time for collaboration and planning, and without forcing class-size increases.


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Extending the Reach – Video Parts 1 & 2

Extending the Reach – Video Part 1

Extending the Reach – Video Part 2











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