Model Contributors and Reviewers

Many people contributed to the development and improvement of the school models and related materials on this website. In addition to the people listed below, hundreds of teachers and principals in Opportunity Culture schools have provided feedback we’ve incorporated into models and models tools. Any remaining flaws are our own. Participation does not indicate endorsement of any particular model, policy, or approach. Please help us improve the models. Share your ideas and feedback on our Feedback page.

The entire Public Impact team contributed input and review at various stages.

Teach Plus CEO Celine Coggins enabled us to exchange ideas with excellent teachers during model development. The Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellows who helped us are:

Indianapolis: Sheila Akinleye, Karen Smith
Memphis: Brittany Clark
Boston: Karen McCarthy, Wendy Soref
Chicago: Michelle McFarland-McDaniels, Tracie Kenyon

Teachers from Educators4Excellence also shared their feedback with Public Impact’s model-building team.

Special thanks to Katherine Mackey of Innosight Institute for her particularly detailed review of early models.

Thanks also to each of the people below who contributed ideas and review at various stages of our model thinking and writing. This is a brilliant, thoughtful, and committed group of people, and we are grateful for their generosity of time and thought.

The Opportunity Culture Advisory Team
(at time of initial publication of models, Spring 2012):

Celine Coggins
John Danner
Alex Hernandez
Michael Horn
Karen Hawley Miles
Talia Milgrom-Elcott
Sydney Morris
Marguerite Roza
Ariela Rozman
Gretchen Crosby Sims
Jeff Wetzler
Other Contributors and Reviewers:
Cat Alexander
Angela Baber
Scott Benson
Claire Fiddian-Green
Todd Kern
Tony Lewis
John Luczak
Sarah McClamroch
Raegen Miller
Lynn Olson
Andy Rotherham
Adam Rubin
Steve Sandak
Bryan Setser and team
Elena Silva
Tori Truscheit
Bill Tucker
Ed VanderTook
Tom Vander Ark
Julie Wright