Seizing Opportunity at the Top II

Seizing II cover thumbnail

Seizing II cover thumbnailState Policies to Reach Every Student With Excellent Teachers

Brief [pdf] | Checklist [pdf]

To ensure that every student has access to excellent teaching consistently, states and districts must help excellent teachers extend their reach to far more students, directly and by leading teaching teams, and earn far more, within budget. How can states craft the policies to support this?

Public Impact explains how in this checklist and brief. These update our earlier working paper Seizing Opportunity at the Top, based on our experience collaborating with several districts and hundreds of teachers and administrators, and analysis of their states’ policies. States must get these policies right for the sake of the outstanding and committed teachers in schools implementing Opportunity Culture models—and their students. [Read more…]

Video Part 1: Paying Teachers More—Within Budget (4:06)


Watch this space for an updated motiongraphic, based on the experiences of the first pilot schools to implement their own Opportunity Cultures, showing the importance of models that let teams led by excellent teachers reach many more students, and let all teachers earn more and learn more—through more school-day time for collaboration and planning, and without forcing class-size increases.

Meanwhile, watch videos of teachers and principals discussing implementing an Opportunity Culture in their schools.

Infographic: Extending the Reach of Excellent Teachers


Why does every child need consistent access to excellent teachers, and how can we, today, extend the reach of the excellent teachers our nation already has? Public Impact teamed up with designers at Column Five to develop this infographic with the answers. It illustrates four ways school can use job redesign and technology to put excellent teachers in charge of every student’s learning. It also highlights the role of extending these teachers’ reach in building an “Opportunity Culture” in which excellent teachers, other educators, and students can excel.

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Opportunity at the Top


How America’s Best Teachers Could Close the Gaps, Raise the Bar, and Keep Our Nation Great

Executive Summary [pdf] | Full Report [pdf] | Two-Page Brief [pdf]

Our nation is squandering one of its most important resources—our best teachers—and children are paying the price.

We asked a simple question:“Will our nation’s bold efforts to recruit more top teachers and remove the least effective teachers put a great teacher in every classroom?” We ran the numbers and discovered a disappointing answer: No. Even if these reforms were wildly successful, nearly two-thirds of classrooms still would not have great teachers. Why does this matter? Only great teachers – those in the top quartile – achieve the student learning progress needed to close our nation’s achievement gaps and raise our bar to internationally competitive levels. Others do not. [Read more…]

3X for All


Extending the Reach of Education’s Best

Full Report [pdf]

Instead of just trying to recruit more great teachers, what if we could reach dramatically more children with the great teachers we already have?

This report explores ways we could redesign teachers’ roles and use technology to give millions more students access to the best teachers. Written with support from The Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation. [Read more…]