Ashley Park PreK-8 Case Study

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Ashley Park cover thumbnailAshley Park PreK-8 Launches Multi-Classroom Leadership and Blended Learning

Case Study [pdf] | Video

As a turnaround effort began to show results at Charlotte’s Ashley Part PreK-8, improvements in language arts achievement lagged. This Public Impact case study looks at why Ashley Park chose to implement an Opportunity Culture to address this, by using Multi-Classroom Leadership and blended learning through a Time-Technology Swap, and how the early days of implementation helped the school retain its best teachers. Watch the accompanying video, Ranson and Ashley Park Choose an Opportunity Culture.

Ranson IB Middle School Case Study

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Ranson cover thumbnailRanson IB Middle School Launches an Opportunity Culture

Case Study [pdf] | Video

Ranson IB Middle School in Charlotte, a high-poverty school struggling to improve academic achievement and teacher retention, turned to an Opportunity Culture to address its need for excellent teachers. This case study looks at the early days of Ranson’s implementation of two Opportunity Culture job models—Multi-Classroom Leadership and Time-Technology Swaps—and how an Opportunity Culture improved its recruitment and retention of great teachers. Watch the accompanying video, Ranson and Ashley Park Choose an Opportunity Culture.

An Opportunity Culture for Teaching and Learning

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OC Intro thumbnailIntroduction

Introduction [pdf]

To understand an Opportunity Culture, start here:
For excellent teachers and those aspiring to excellence, and for administrative or education policy leaders, this brief provides an overview of how an Opportunity Culture can help teachers have the well-paid, empowered profession they deserve—while helping many more students succeed.


An Opportunity Culture for All

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An Opportuntiy Culture for All smallMaking Teaching a Highly Paid, High-Impact Profession

Full Report [pdf] | Summary [pdf]

In this brief, Public Impact Co-Directors Emily Ayscue Hassel and Bryan C. Hassel share their most recent vision of an Opportunity Culture. The brief explains how extending the reach of great teachers can start a virtuous cycle of excellence and higher pay for all teachers.



Rocketship Education Case Study

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Rocketship cover thumbnailPioneering Charter Network Innovates Again, Bringing Tech Closer to Teachers

Case Study [pdf]

This case study details how Rocketship, a pioneering, rapidly expanding charter school network, planned to refine its blended-learning model in the 2013–14 year. It intended to give teachers more control over the students’ digital learning and hoped to further individualize the teaching. Watch for future updates to see how these changes do and don’t achieve the network’s goals for student learning.