Opportunity Culture in the News

Resources for Developing Breakthrough Schools

March 8, 2013 – Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) recently published a list of resources that will be helpful to those developing new school designs for improving student outcomes using blended learning models. The list includes links to Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture financial planning resources, which describe how schools can reach all students with excellent teachers and create new, paid career advancement opportunities for teachers, within budget. The list of resources was created to aid prospective applicants for NGLC’s new wave of funding for the development of new “breakthrough” secondary school models.

Nashville Sites Extending Excellent Teachers’ Reach

March 7, 2013—Public Impact today announced the latest implementation site in its initiative to extend the reach of excellent teachers and build an Opportunity Culture for teachers and students: Metro Nashville Public Schools’ Innovation Zone. Three pilot schools in the “iZone” —Buena Vista Elementary, Robert Churchwell Museum Magnet Elementary and Bailey STEM Magnet Middle School—will use the Opportunity Culture school models designed to reach more students with excellent teachers, for more pay, within regular budgets. Read our press release to learn more.

Public Impact Co-Director Addresses U.S. Governors

February 24, 2013—Public Impact Co-Director Bryan C. Hassel spoke to the nation’s governors at their 2013 Winter Meeting in Washington, DC.  Appearing with AEI’s Rick Hess, Bryan gave the governors five concrete ideas for giving every student in their states excellent teachers: Get selective about who can teach your state’s children; eliminate policy barriers to excellent teachers reaching more students and leading their peers; start counting how many students have excellent teachers, by school, district & student group; declare a new civil right to excellent teachers; push average teacher pay to $100,000 – within current budgets. Watch C-SPAN’s coverage of the presentation.

New Opportunity Culture Charter School Network

February 6, 2013—Public Impact today announced its selection of four founding members of a national network of charter school organizations that will create an Opportunity Culture for teachers and extend the reach of excellent teachers to more students: Foundations College Prep (Chicago), Ingenuity Prep (Washington, D.C.), Touchstone Education (Newark), and Venture Academy (Minneapolis). This new national network is a critical part of Public Impact’s Opportunity Culture initiative and its effort to work with implementation sites to prototype new school models, all of which use job redesign and technology to reach more students with excellent teachers, for more pay, within budget. Read our press release to learn more.

Teachers: This is the Moment to Expand Your Impact

October 26, 2012 – In this abridged version of the Commentary that appeared in Education Week, Celine Coggins of Teach Plus joins Public Impact’s Bryan Hassel and Emily Ayscue Hassel to discuss why schools and policymakers must expand the impact of excellent teachers, now. With new information demonstrating the great variation in teacher effectiveness and the availability of better teacher-evaluation systems, schools have increasingly accurate data to identify which teachers are exceptional. Plus, recent reports have shown that early-career teachers want more opportunities for leadership and professional growth in the classroom. School reform efforts that do not acknowledge these two crucial trends are bound to fall short. Read the full Education Next blog post to learn how schools can create an Opportunity Culture that embraces excellence and opportunity for students and teachers alike.